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One of the most important things any hardcore gamer would want to include in his or her gaming gear is mouse pad. With the many brands on the market, choosing the best gaming mouse pad is not easy as many people think. Before you shop for any mouse pad, it is good to look at the features and not just the price. Today we have brought you reviews of the best six gaming mouse pads that you should consider.

Steel series 9HD professional gaming mouse pad

Steel series is among the leading manufacturers of gaming mouse pads and 9HD is not any different. The gaming mouse is not only highly compatible but also has a four layer process that ensures steady glide as well as optimal friction surface. If you want a simple, durable and affordable gaming mouse pad, simply go for this device and you will never regret.

Razer Vespula Dual-sided gaming mouse pad

Razer is yet another manufacturer of high quality gaming mouse pads and Vespula Dual-sided clearly shows what it can offer. This gaming mouse does not offer just one but two gaming surfaces with various gliding levels. Whether you are a beginner or experienced gamers, this mouse pad rarely disappoints. It has a soft wrist rest that offers you with ultimate comfort needed to game for many hours without getting tired or bored.

Razer Goliathus Standard mouse mat

The gaming mouse pad comes with a heavy-textured pattern that helps in ensuring perfect gliding for any gamer. You can choose from the small, medium and large size depending on your preference. The comfort and precision of this mouse gaming pad makes it worth consideration.

Mionix Propus Mouse pad

In the market where Steel series and Razer seems to dominate, Mionix has tried all it can to design gaming mouse pads that meets the needs of different gamers. The mouse pads has a silver metallic coating as well as fine textured surface that makes it to provide great tracking precision and adequate area allowing you to move the mouse around easily.

Corsair Vengeance MM200 standard Edition Gaming Mouse pad

Although Corsair is not very popular in designing gaming mouse pads, Vengeance MM200 deserves to be among the best. The device has glide optimize surface meant for mouse sensor. With this pad, you can control the game with maximum accuracy. The slip resistant rubber at the base of the mouse offers users with maximum stability required for professional gaming experience.
Roccat Alumic Double sided Gaming Mouse pad

Winding up our list of the six best gaming mouse pads, Roccat Alumic pad offers two gaming surfaces. For low sensitive DPI, you can use one surface. If you want higher sensitivity DPI, simply flip your mouse and you will be good to go. The gadget also boasts of an ergonomic design and beautiful patterns that make it a perfect choice for long sessions of gaming. In conclusion, there are many brands of gaming mouse pads on the market. Apart from the price, you need to look at various features before buying a mouse pad. One of the best places to buy gaming mouse pads is online.